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Short for 'The Line Tub'- a hosted fan site for the video game series: Tony Hawk's ProSkater- that has a bunch of videos from players in the game.
Pwned! I got my London nm up on tlt.
by Dodeman July 10, 2003
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Team Leader Tully - Used when a person is in a position of leadership and their lastname is Tully. For instance it was famously used when talking about Charlie Tully of Celtic Football Club, after he scored the winning goal in the 1947 Irish Cup Final.
Did you see TLT on the field today, he was mesmerizing
by TastyFace May 29, 2011
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Tail Light Tuesday (or Thursday) On these days, people with classic or vintage cars display a photo of the rear-end of their car.
TLT, love that car, it's sharp.
by Gunnyhighway May 20, 2018
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