4 definitions by loquacious loki

When one, whether voluntary or involuntary, forces cum through their sinus and out the nose.
I proposed when she said she could gildersneeze on command.
by loquacious loki January 10, 2015
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When one person parts another person's butt cheeks and blows lightly across that person's exposed anus.
Would you like a fudge whistle dear? Yes play me like a stinky harmonica!!!
by loquacious loki January 09, 2015
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Drinking game in which, two men simultaneously fornicate with one woman.
Bart and Mork were high fiving over Mora's back while playing Filthy O'Kavanaugh
by loquacious loki October 04, 2018
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Rubbing the tip of ones penis on a person's toes while they sleep.
Either I stepped in snot this morning, or someone has been tip toeing around here.
by loquacious loki January 10, 2015
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