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someone (male or female) who is covered in hair from there big toe, all the way upto their head, they usualy have beard which had the consistancy of pubic hair.
bwarr, theres a timpy over there

you're looking rather timpy.
by fartmaster2000 May 27, 2007
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1. A name fopr someone who was formerly a gimp. Now they are unusually large and threatening.
2. Someone who distracts another from watching movies, just by their presence alone.
1. Hey didn't that guys used to be small with a cane? Now he must be a timpy. I fear for my life!!
2. Sarah did not watch the movie because a Timpy was in the room and she was busy doing other things...
by sarieish April 01, 2008
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a rare genetic condition inhibiting the growth of hair from the pubic region and causing excessive growth of pubic hair from the chin.
Doctor: im sorry but you've got timpy
Patient : Oh nooooooo
Doc : My god you're hairy
Pat : (Runs off crying)
by bumfluff01 February 26, 2008
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