Your asian friend gets too wasted/sauced and goes too hard/ too ham/rages out of control and does inappropriate dance moves involving handstands/bridges/grinding, annoys DJs such as Lil Cee and Beatbreaker, dances on tabletops/bars/amps/or any raised flat surface and ends the night trying to bike to the ocean going the wrong way
"Yunmi we are putting you in time out" "Yunmi go in time out" "You need to control your friend she's in time out"
by fizzle12345 November 29, 2012
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when your boyfriend tries to punish you for some not humorous words or actions and you turn it into a fun game by repeatedly doing sweet and flirty things to get his attention.
boyfriend: wtf?? two toothbrushes at my place??

girlfriend: um yeah.. about that.. glad i have another one.

boyfriend: i don't remember one toothbrush being okay much less two.

girlfriend: i do believe my shampoo is there as well and i'll be sure to leave a third one next time ;)

boyfriend: timeout

girlfriend: ish-- that means play time :) (let the fun games begin!)
by Princess Jerk Face August 13, 2017
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A Crappy Bar in Myrtle Beach, SC most known for its dismal shows, tired clientel, and sticky bathrooms.
Lets go to Time Out and see the glory hole
by Jaded_youth42069 April 15, 2011
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(1) When a child is punished for some sort of misbehavior and forced to spend time sitting by themselves (usually in quiet and without any sort of video games/TV/entertainment).

(2) (Less commonly) Baltimore slang for cops/law enforcement. For example, drug dealers in Baltimore will shout out "time out" when they see a police car nearby so as to alert other dealers and customers of the police presence.
*Several drugs dealers are hanging out on a street corner selling scramble and ready (Baltimore slang for highly cut heroin and crack). They're about to make a sale to a customer, when suddenly, a police car pulls up to the nearest intersection

Drug dealer 1: What'chyu say you need?
Customer: Lemme get two fives of the ready.

Drug dealer 1: "Time Out, yo! Time out!"
Drug dealer 2: A'right yo, I got'chyu. It's hot though, for real. Come with me around the corner. . .
Customer: Alright.
by saetia95 April 23, 2018
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term used to describe a really hot girl... taking a time out to look at her

derived at baseball practice when the lacross team ran by and the coach decided to call a "time out" from practice.
by Zack Al October 26, 2005
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