1. n. The time between the release of playable graphical content and the point when the content is first used to depict a phallus.

Times to cock can be observed for broad concepts (art programs, MMO games, webplace concept) or specific activities (new tool, new game feature or mod, forum thread). Generally, however, it is required that the phalluses be presented in such a way as to surprise or disturb consumers of the original content, which usually does not concern penises.

2. n. The time at which a piece of content, a discussion, or an entity on the Internet is deemed to be of poor enough quality that some of its participants willfully and gleefully flood it with depictions of flopping cocks. (Related in concept to Fifty Hitler Post.)
1. Ultima Online's time to cock was famously less than an hour, the first public depiction being a penis made out of fish.

2. "His site sucks."
"Yeah, it's time to cock his comments."
by HitNRun October 20, 2007
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A suffix to be applied to the answer whenever a member of the opposite sex asks you the time and it falls on the hour. As in 9 o'clock, time for cock.

NB. Not to be used on family members or really old / young members of opposite sex, please
Example 1
Girl: Hey, what time is it?
Guy: It's 10 o'clock...time for cock.
Girl: Cool

Example 2
Guy: Yo, do you know what time it is?
Girl: Sure i do, it's 9 o'clock, time for cock!
Guy: Awesome
by radishford October 13, 2013
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A theoretical paradox often used as an excuse for something.The time cock paradox occurs when someone travels through time and space causing a timeline of the events to form a penis-like shape.According to many theories doing such a thing would cause much mayhem,and confusion ,and possibly the annihilation of the universe.The destruction of the universe through the time cock paradox is known as the Great Coming.It is used as an excuse saying that the time cock paradox prevented you from doing something or caused you to do something.
"The time cock paradox caused my homework to be expelled through the singularity while I was switching dimensions."

"I wasn't at school because John Holmes recruited me to create the time pussy in order to stop the time cock paradox."
by Waterproofclad April 9, 2012
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An douche bag maneuver pulled off by Jay Leno through sucking network executive cock.
I used to think Jay Leno was an old, worthless sack of shit that has been on the air for far too many years and has overstayed his welcome onto my television, but ever since he pulled the prime time cock block on Conan O'Brien I just think he's a huge faggot.

CEO Steve Capus: I'm still not convinced. Get Jeff Zucker over here maybe ill change my mind.

Jay Leno: Yes Mr. President nyum nyum nyum.
by tittyboner169 February 24, 2010
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If the time is on the clock then its time to suck my cock” is a famous quote written by the realest gia. This should be a mock against the offensive “if her age is on the clock then she’s ready for my cock” sentence which is pedophelic.
by gauda slay August 25, 2023
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Someone who has a scrawny nag of a cock and cums within 1-12 seconds of intercourse
Zach has a real time cock, he can’t stay in bed longer than 12 seconds
by Zach’s Bare Ass October 1, 2019
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