The action of sucking a hot beverage hot chocolate through a tim tam cookie. The flavor is possibly the best thing in the world.
In global class today, Eunu, Julia and I skipped class to tim tam slam.
by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala March 2, 2010
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This is the act of using a tim tam biscuit to drink tea, by biting off to opposite corners and then using it as a straw to suck up hot tea.

Note that the structural integrity of the tim tam will become catastrophically reduced soon after this process is started, and the whole biscuit must be crammed into your mouth as soon as this happens, lest your tea will be filled with pieces of melted tim tam.
I whipped out the PG Tips and showed her the way of the tim tam slam.
by Legooolas May 31, 2005
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A Tim Tam Slam is when you fill a glass with milk, bite 2 corners off the end of a Tim Tam, and use the Tim Tam as a straw. The milk then tastes like chocolate, and it is an Australian delicacy.
Bro, you can't Tim Tam Slam with Double Coat Tim Tams!
by BurteeBeee July 29, 2019
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How to perform a Tim Tam Slam:
You someone you really trust, and inject their ass with novacaine. You then have them perform a handstand while someone holds their legs. You then put hot chocolate inside their anus, (like how they put water and stuff from porn) then get a Tim Tam, bite both ends, and drink the chocolate out of their ass like a straw.
Guy 1: hey dude, we've been friends for a long time and..
Guy 2: yeah?
Guy 1: I was wondering if you wanted to do a Tim Tam Slam with me.
Guy 2: I would be absolutely honored to.

Guy 3: I'll hold his legs!
by Shoestring129 September 22, 2014
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Tim Slamming Tiffany Tam in various ways such as punching, pushing, or rough sex.
Did you hear last night? Tim and Tiff were fucking again and I heard he did a Tim Tam Slam
by palmbeach December 18, 2008
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The act of the man sucking the woman's shit out of her asshole, then putting it back in to her ass, representing the classic tim tam (biscuit) slam.
Man: Do you want the tim tam slam tonight honey?

Woman: Sure, I'm up for trying new things, as long as it gives me pleasure!
by Padfoot.'n'.Prongs September 6, 2016
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The act of leaving a Tim Tam biscuit in a cup of tea until it is soft and lost all form, then pouring into your girlfriends arse for her to squirt back into your mouth.

Named after Australian icon Clive Palmer.
"Hey dude how was your night?"
"Bro it was epic, me and Kara did the old Clive's Tim Tam Slam"
by Buggeroo September 12, 2017
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