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Tllidon is a descrition for a big Italian style sausage made exclusive in algoma region of ontario canada.

This Italian sausage can only be made from the best source of meats. The meat must be incased in procured intestinal cases and done the same way one would make salami.

This type of sausage has been known to even been by a famous Prime Minister of Canada.

The exact ingredients and recipe in Unkown at this time. The recipe is only passed down in certain Italian families.

If one happens to sample this famous sausage. It has been known to almost give a orgasm in the male system, but has given female orgams 80% of the time.

This sausage has also been know to give you great amounts gas that can be used to fumigate a room full of people. If is recommeded to eat this type of sausage in a well ventilated room.
till e- don

1. Hey do you know where I can get a big tillidon.

2. I can not wait to eat a tillidon and have a pop with it.

3. After I ate that tillidon I felt a wave of energy vibe right through me.
by Jimmy Johnson April 12, 2005
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