A sexual position in which the man places his penis between the woman's buttocks (no anal penetration) and rubs up and down until orgasm. A way of simulating intercourse without risking pregnancy and the woman's virginity.
"We were both horny, but she didn't want to get knocked up, so I humped her Italian style."
by Pasquitan December 20, 2009
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Thought to be created by bored Italians, this sexual act involves a girls armpit and a man's shlolum. This is just as good as abstinence in preventing stds and pregancy.
Yo dude i just italian styled that chick...she has some fine ass armpits!
by SkandhaParamita April 21, 2006
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Sited from the Broadway version of a Bronx Tale from the song entitled Hurt Someone. To give an Italian Style Hello is an act of violence against a rival or enemy. Specifically it referred to the act of throwing Molotov cocktails to torch an establishment.
We’re gonna serve some Molotov cocktails to the other side of town. We’re gonna give em’ an Italian Style Hello.
by Goodfellagirl March 1, 2019
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When you get screwed over so badly it causes a massive inconvenience to your plans. Often happens in situations where you are taken advantage of in a greasy way, one where no prepareration could have been made to prevent this.
Friend 1: "I can't hang out this weekend, my boss told me to come in on Saturday AND to pay him back from the client lunch from last week."

Friend 2: "I thought he just gave you a promotion?! Sounds like you got screwed Italian Style."
by Stophe Mane September 8, 2022
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