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A guy who's proud of being born and raised in tijuana they're also very cool talk hella fast most of them speak english too and they very dangerous. When some one talks shyt... they will chop ur head off believe that!!!
Rob: Hey lets go to tijuana and have sum fun at tha clubs..

Fred: Yeeea its hella crakin but dnt be talkn shyt this time kuz them tijuanero mudafuckas dnt play or u finna kno what a 100 round clip feels like
by sfere January 16, 2010
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A frijolero,mojado,paisa,beener or wetback born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico who is uneducated, ignorant, and very poor.
" That stupid Tijuanero hit my car and he doesn't speak english or have insurance."
by Paco Rivera March 15, 2005
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