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Tiger Schulmann's now known as TSMMA (mixed martial arts) is probably the best place you can learn self defense, and learn how to REALLY fight. For the deffinition above me, apparently you heard wrong. Ever notice at fights such as Newbreed Fighters, Golden Gloves, and combat at the capitale, TSMMA ALWAYS wins. And damn if you're wearing a tsmma shirt, you must walk around damn proud. Sure, we might have cheezy commercials, well get over it cause all the things you do in life doesn't add up to someone's life who does TSMMA. And MMA is different from other schools belts, in tae kwan doe or w.e its spelled, they have jr. black belts, and regular black belts, at TSMMa its different ok? Trust me, go onto the site, check out the fighting videos, im in the best shape of my life right now because of it, and im also a great fighter too. If you still think it's stupid, that's your problem, but don't put down one of the best orginizations ive ever seen.
Many friends of mine have gotten into the best shape of their lives doing tiger schulmann's, including me.
by D Brown January 08, 2008
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only people who go here are allowed to define this term. It is more than an organization of mixed martial artists... it is a family and a legacy. It is not seeing your friends from another TSMMA school every day but rather every Black Belt Test or Challenge of Champions... it is a home away from home. It is the best of the best because we kick ass. It is knowing a life skill, being able to defend yourself and challenge yourself daily. If you aren't in it... you have no right to say what we do because you truly dont understand the definition of TSMMA
Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts: pain is temporary... pride is forever... TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME!

it aint about how hard you are hit, rather its about getting back up to keep fightin
by Boricua_Mami January 08, 2008
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A joke to martial arts in which none should participate due to their total lack of knowledge pertaining to anything karate. If one was to stumble upon a class by accident, it is vital that they forgot everything said there, and if need be take a real leason in fighting.
Hey Joe, your my freind and I will help you with my advice, never go to tiger schulmann's, they have black belts who have not even reached double digit age. What does that tell you?
by Zach da Lack August 25, 2006
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