Usually between the ages of 13-16, sometimes older, worship fallout boy/panic at the disco, have a particular affinity with black and pink stripes, especially black and pink gloves. Dress like emo/scene kids, but don't really understand what either is, they just do it to make friends. End up trying to out do each other with how misunderstood they are, the more misunderstood, the better. "Unique" is also a newbreed buzzword, they try to achieve this by dying their hair a "wacky" colour, like green or pink all over, or designing custom t shirts on the internet with a "witty slogan" on it.

Cant breathe a sentence without saying the word "random" at least once. Their main goal in life, other then being misunderstood, is being "wacky" and "random". They try to achieve this by coupling two words together that usually don't fit, for example "flying squirrel!", they drop this sort of "humour" into most conversations. They find it hilarious.

Mostly found outside rock clubs, applying each others makeup in an attempt to fool the bouncers into thinking they are older.

if not doing this, they are usually on the internet, watching falloutboy videos.
examples of newbreeds can be found at falloutboy/panic at the disco concerts.

or standing together in a big group outside your local town hall, often swapping makeup tips.
by FLyrics September 8, 2007