A dangerouse woman. Her name says it all! To nurture, give life, and to flourish. Unfortunately, she is easily able to do the opposite: destroy, abolish and completely devistate. If you're ever acquainted with one, be careful. You're not the only one who will be looking for her "nurture" and you're not the only one she's gladly devistating.

Her voice is that of a Siren's, beautiful but deadly if pursued. Her gaze is impossible to resist and her lips are sweet poison. Her skin is perfect (she won't agree) and her laugh can make the stapes, incus, and mallius dance with excitement.
"Your name is 'Tierra' you say? It was nice to meet you and it would be better never to have met you." "He's dating Tierra?! I wish him luck. Nobody deserves what she's going to do to him.
by Brotac November 02, 2010
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Tierra us Different a unique person make everyone laugh fun and funny best love making most listening clam but can turn up and is a but bipolar
Tierra loves people.
by Hypnosis names February 13, 2018
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What the hell is with this first definition?! It means land or earth which would be the very planet we live on and it has nothing to do with looks!
we live on la tierra

the tierra is good

the tierra is fertile
by WickedandWonderful90 May 04, 2009
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“Tierra”, like the earth, will flourish and grow beautifully if only nurtured and respected by the right individual. But mistreated, like the earth, will strike you down like the elements. Most individuals are beguiled by her looks, but few can handle her sharp wit.
honra la tierra y trátala con respeto o te arrepentirás
by OklahomaBaby January 30, 2020
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