A cutesy way of saying "tired."
That little puppy is so tie-tie he just fell asleep in the middle of the floor.
by chicagotriathlete June 25, 2006
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When a man ties his tie around his neck.
Wife: Honey, your'e late for work, what are you doing in there that's taking forever?

Husband: I'm trying to tie my tie. It's actually very hard to tie a tie!
by xxhellod June 21, 2010
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Urban Net abbreviation for "take it easy".
Yeah man i'm outta ere, tie!
by Bruce Lee April 19, 2005
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When two rooks cancel each other out parallel to each other.
Wow David really fell for the good ol Rook F Tie/B Tie move!
by Chessgrandwizard07 November 6, 2023
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