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Noun or verb. An orgasm experienced as a result of prolonged tickling.

Ticklegasm may be elicited by light teasing stimulation of the genitals with instruments such as fingernails or feathers.

Less obvious, but increasingly accepted areas of the body that can be stimulated to induce ticklegasm include armpits, belly, inner thighs and, most commonly, the soles of the feet.

Ever increasing evidence exists in online discussion regarding the "foot-ticklegasm". Currect accepted reasoning for the phenomenon concerns the proximity of the area of the brain responsible for processing sensation in the gentials with the area responsibe for processing sensation in the feet. Intense tickling of the soles of the feet can result in "cross-wiring" of the neural pathways resulting in the brain processing the foot-tickling as if it were genital stimulation and triggering the orgasm reflex.

Indeed, reports suggest that this cross-wiring can have lasting effects, with many stating that after ticklegasm has been experienced once, subsequent subjection to foot tickling results in quick and obvious sexual arousal, often resulting in orgasm within minutes.
n. Tickle my foot and see if you can give me a ticklegasm.

vb. My wife ticklegasms pretty easily if I use her hairbrush on her soles.
by racheld July 21, 2014
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when your friend tickles you on your stomach or your most ticklest spot and you make a sexual noise, this word was made during homeroom when my friend randomly tickled me and i made a weird sound
*friend tickles you*

You: hahahah ooh TICKLEGASM!!
by lilmonster1234 September 17, 2011
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