a very very tiny penis
yo i heard around thaa jeremy's penis is so small that it is a tick tack
by E A P October 25, 2006
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Used to describe someone with a penis small enough that it is not visible through their pubic hair.
Get your damn tick-tack bush away from me!
by ItIsMyName July 3, 2019
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one who displays tranny-ness, and creates an aura that makes her look/seem like a mess.
by ticktacktranny May 10, 2010
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When nipples become erect either by the cold or excitement the girls are known as Smuggling Tick Tacks
by Diecrying September 3, 2008
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Someone who sucks at smoking; A person who will pack a full bowl, but won't finish it. Baby lungs.
Yo man! You have a MAJOR pair of Tick-tack babyballs for lungs
by bgivs June 11, 2014
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playing good cop bad cop, I tag team, using two people to get over on someone like a grifter or hustler at work
Dave: we got to tick tack that old lady.

Mo: I'll grab the purse you run around the corner and grab the wallet wallet out of it tic Tac we got it.

A form of hustling, good cop bad cop
by Rahneejr December 17, 2015
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