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1. Someone who is very enthusiastic or energetic. Also refers to a person who is horny and/or kinky.
2. A magic rabbit that can fly and shoot lightning out of his eyes.
1. Yeah, John was being a real thunderbunny last night.
2. Thunderbunny burned down the village! Pizah!
by wysiwyg February 15, 2004
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In prisons, the Thunderbunnies is the name or label given to the group of gay/homosexuals as if they are all in a gang. Their symbol (often tattooed on them while locked up like other violent gang members) is the Playboy Bunny with one ear folded representing a 'limp wrist' and instead of a bowtie a thunderbolt with one eye winking.
Hey look at those two thunderbunny is walking down the yard.
by Imblosssy April 14, 2018
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