A ladder-like extension fitted to the front, rear and sometimes sides of a haywagon, or other towed agricultural trailer so as to increase its capacity.
A thripple would be used by farmers to carry more produce than they would be able to if they just filled the bed of the trailer or wagon.
by Britgaffer September 20, 2009
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A conjunction of the words "thrice" and "triple".
A Transitive or Intransitive verb.

Used when ordering or describing decadent food or drink.
Three times the size of a single serving or in cases of adult beverages, a Thripple is three individual shots rather than three shots in one glass.
"Johnny asked the Icecream Man for three scoops but gladly recieved a Thripple instead".
by Mikeyber March 10, 2017
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Mexican / American equivalent of ' tripple '
Man dat new dthrummer U dat thripple bass good a hell main ...
by Kadomaru April 08, 2003
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