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To run really fast and slide on a slick surface, e.g. freshly waxed floor. Originated somewhere in Belleville, Illinois.
Let's go threening out on the parking lot after it stops raining.
by tnasnav August 15, 2004
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A thirty something year old that enjoys teenage pop culture despite extensive education, generation gap and years of life experiences.
The threen would only put down her Twilight series only to watch Gossip Girl or attend a Lady Gaga concert.
by Bella Swan Cullen November 30, 2010
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threen is another way to say thirteen
three + teen = threen
"bro, my cousin turned threen today"
"the fuck did she turn?"
"threen. its like thirteen but u say threen"
"shit, got it. my nephew turns threen next week"
by tamarind soda July 12, 2018
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