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Cinderella as a thot (hoe) basically hoe-erella
That's my thoterella
by mcfreespree November 05, 2015
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When a thot fucks every guy in her life until she finds her "prince charming"
Tom : " Yo did you know Daisy married Jeff"
Dave: " Kid please I know she's the neighborhood's thoterella"
by da Real Casper October 13, 2015
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Thoterella is a female who, like Cinderella, goes from rags to riches hustling other people. If Cinderella was a ho, she would have been A Thoterella. Strippers, hos's, call girls porn bitches, etc, who con/hustle people are Thoterellas. A Thoterella, blinded by Ho Vision, refuses to acknowledge that she is ho.

Thoterellas will try to act brand new or like she's had money her whole life , when she was a broke dick dog until she started twerking for money and/or spreading those legs. Thoterellas prey on nerds, macho men, and all around simp ass suckas!

Lastly, a Thoterella messes with other females dudes and will more than likely end up getting her ass beat or found in the trunk of a car with her head missing .

Within 3-6 months of becoming a strippet/stripper, you can bet Thoterella will have started snorting blow, bumping pussies, and tricking after her shift is up. Another name for Thoterella is Ho Ass Trick, but Thoterella is a much simpler adjective.

Did I mention that most Thoterellas are airheads and highschool/college dropouts? Well, now you know!!!
Daaaamn! Cardi B really earned her come up.

Nah Bruh. Cardi B is just another Thoterella.

In today's breaking news cast, John Holuve was arrested after the bodies of several prostitutes were found dismembered on a beach. According to Mr. Holuve is quoted as saying "I got tired of those THOTERELLAS taking my money and skimp'n on the pussy.'
by BTGSOLDIEROFYHVH December 06, 2018
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