thizzlamics is a language which is spoken when thizzed. thizzlamics was first spoken in the nation of thizzlam (bay area sf)The meaning of getting thizzed is to drop bombs aka ecstasy pills/mdma/mda. when one is speaking thizzlamics they must be thizzed enough to sound like a fool, but to most they sound like a lyrical genius. see thizzle dance
today i was speakin thizzlamics with dre. tomorro im ganna speak thizzlamics with dre. the next day im ganna speak thizzlamics with dre. get thizzed
by mac dre da boss February 2, 2009
to worship the thizz (ecstacy). A word which has come from the Bay Area, and the Father of Thizz, Mac Dre
"He spoke Thizzlamic but I can understand him. He said, Al Boo Boo the eagle has landed. My reply, Pronto Cuzzin, execute stage two, put the turkey in the oven."
by Thizzlam January 22, 2005
The nation of Thizzlam refers to the Bay Area, and Vallejo. The Nation of Thizzlam's main export is ecstasy pills, wich people use to thizz. Term used by Mac Dre.
You imposters get tried for treason
To the nation of Thizzlam
Is my legiance
Write a grievance
File a complaint
Tell 'em Dre doin things that them otha guys can't
Burnin' rubber all day
Drivin' wreckless
I cut a man throat give a man a bloody necklace
Cuttee, they respect us cuz they have to
My niggaz mafioso
You prepared they'll wack you'
by yadabooboo June 14, 2007
adj.- 1. To worship thizz, also known as ecstasy, in an extreme manner. Comparative to how Muslims worship Muhammad. v.- 2. To get so extremely high on ecstasy that you have no recognition of the night prior.
1. That bitch Jessica is hella thizzlamic, she sucks dick for free pills!

2. Damn bro, did you notice how thizzlamic I was last night?! I woke up in my neighbors garage, naked.
by thizzlamic2thamaxnigga October 10, 2009