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A nerdy, likely virgin male, often found in a Twitch chatroom, giving compliments and donating large sums of money to attractive female streamers (or in some case male streamers) in hopes that the streamer will acknowledge them out of excitement, since this is the only sort of remotely sexual or even friendly interaction they are capable of receiving in their unfortunate lives.
Alpha Male 1: "Did you see some thirstyboy donated $5000 to Kaceytron?"
Alpha Male 2: "Yeah she makes a pretty good living off those thirstyboys' donations."
by whitegoose May 30, 2014
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A phrase used to refer to a bathroom urinal, originally coined by a Twitter user when he called the urinal he was using a "thirsty boy" while in a conference call.
Just went for a piss while still wearing my microphone and the whole conference heard me call the urinal a "thirsty boy".
by Generic_Username March 02, 2017
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