A geopolitical collective of shitholes, holes of shit or other similarly defined nation states filled with, usually human, faecal excrement.

A shithole can improve and become a developing country and then, sometimes, a 'normal' country thus leaving the lowest geopolitical rank of Third World.
Why should we take immigrants from shithole Third World countries? - President Trump (allegedly)
by FuPoCo January 15, 2018
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A country that has a weak government and is basicly the way it is now because of europe.
Europeans fucked up most of the world because they were and still are the most greedy people in the world.
by loca September 11, 2004
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Kick-ass reggae band out of Jamaica, their songs include "96 Degrees in the Shade" "Reggae Ambassador" and many more great tunes.
"Third World?"

"Yeah, saw them in concert. Had me feeling irie."
by Ben July 04, 2004
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Errr, Greenland is controlled by Denmark. It's not an independent country.
by Bjork September 26, 2004
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A dimension 3X above reality ~
I fucked her sweet ass so good ; she came and her eyes rolled to the back of her head . From that point , I knew she was in Third World ~
by RC5872 September 06, 2019
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Contrary to the poison jb be preachin', many of the third world, or ledc as they are now known were not part of any european empires. Take a look at central and eastern asia, par example.

Also, the countries that were conquested were left in no worse condition than found. Full of tribal conflicts and such. Some, particularly the ones that were released early have done well.

Might also be worth reminding users that south america was once part of a poorly executed empire started by the usa a little over a century ago.
Third world countries such as south africa, the united states, canada, greenland, austrailia and nz can blame thier fortunes on Europe.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 07, 2004
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Regarding Central and Eastern Asia and Latin America:

Central Asia was part of the Russian Empire, which essentially makes it a colony.

East Asia, particularly China, is an interesting case study, as it was not divided up into colonies but spheres of influence โ€” areas where nations would have exclusive trading rights. Japan, France, Britain, Germany and Russia all had them, most often centering upon small, prosperous outposts that each nation controlled: the French had Zhangjiang, Britain Hong Kong, Germany Qingdao, Russia Port Arthur, and Japan Taiwan. China was, if we all recall, for centuries the world's most advanced and powerful nation, but a policy of isolationism and "self-containment" at the end of the Ming Dynasty led to stagnation.

It is only in more recent history that Latin America became, in essence, an American sphere of influence. For many years Europe was Latin America's biggest trading partner, a case in point being Britain and Argentina.

Socially and economically, Latin American nations essentially screwed themselves over from the second they became independent: with the exception of Haiti, wealthy Creole aristocrats still controlled most of the land and power, ensuring that for many years their nations' economies relied on th export of raw materials as opposed to industrialization, which they left to entrepreneurialism and foreign investment which built up a heavy debt. The Creoles resented the urban working and middle classes and fought to uphold the status quo for as long as possible. When the trade balance finally shifted to the United States, where there was not as much demand for Argentine beef or Colombian coffee, the Creoles were essentially f*cked and suffered economically as a result, and that suffering continues to this day.
As J.B. said, thank Europe for the Third World โ€” oh, I'm sorry, the LEDC.
by Bunga Bunga September 25, 2004
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