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Someone who is a Great friend and knows how too kick someone ass.Very trust worthy and loves his friends. rarely gives up and is always very determined loves pandas nearly more than anything and wishes he could fly.
As cold hearted he may seem he is actualy sensitive and soft-hearted but dont try to bull shit him cause you will pay the price
by HHReviewer April 01, 2012
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A person who loves someone sincerely, take care of someone wholeheartedly but holds a lot of secrets on his own till hurt himself
He is such an Haziq. I wish he talked more about his problems
by thecutestpineapple April 23, 2018
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Look he is haziq. Don't wake him up. He must be tired that he haziq until now
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by Tony Stark Jr July 22, 2018
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a blackboi who loves to rub his nipples to seek pleasure from his divorced father while shouting “ PLEASE FIST ME DADDY!! “
haziq is a bangla
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