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Internet chat forum, and some sort of autistic beard support group.
Yo, holmes did you check out the latest beard on thingbox?
by youbrokemytaco January 08, 2008
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an Internet chat forum/community for those who feel they have something to prove.

A place of exile for those who abandoned OUTeverywhere, on the day that came to be known as BLOODY WEDNESDAY.

A place on the Internet where bullies congregate to lick their wounds and then start multiple discussion threads, telling themselves and anyone who will listen how innocent and misunderstood they all are.

The registered office of the biggest of known Internet bullies, him being known as Smess.

A gathering place for smessettes.

Can also mean the unofficial fan club of Avril Lavigne.
a thingbox for internet "things".
by halloweenjack_uk August 06, 2006
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