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n. The upper arm of an overweight person, referring to the size of the arm (which more closely resembles the thigh due to staggering amounts of arm fat). Most often spotted at buffets, rodeos, NASCAR events, state fairs, Wal-Mart stores, Jerry Springer's television program, and throughout the South. Very often seen in conjunction with thankles.
"Holy crap - that is the fattest arm I have ever seen. They're supposed to be biceps, not thighceps. Your arms look like pillowcases full of cottage cheese. Maybe put the fork down once in a while, mmmkay?"
by DickLint May 08, 2010
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A muscle in your Thigh. This muscle is most of the time exercised by moving your hips for activities such as playing with a hula hoop.
Wow, you've been working out, I can tell from your thighceps.
by Shmiggenbottom February 21, 2010
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When a Really fat chick has Biceps the size of the average women's thighs.
1) Wow, Rhonda has some killer Thighceps
2) Did you see those Thighceps on Sharon when she went for that danish.
3) Yo Dat bitch has some Thighceps Bro.
by MILF Tits April 10, 2014
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