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God-ascended thiccness.
One does not simply be thicccccccccc. It is unseen to man, but wished for in the deepest prayers.
by KMPeterson January 7, 2018
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Someone or something that is so thic that it has ten Cs. It is unbelievably thicc. Insanely thiccc. Probably the most used word in the English language.
Damn, that booty thicccccccccc

OMG, I jut got the thiccccccccccest text from Jared
by NinjaBoy899 June 14, 2018
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Trevor the thiccccest
Other wise known Mr. Thicccccccccc don't try to come for him he is thicker than a snicker and also thicker than the girl Kim Kardashian. Even Kanye wanna smash.
by Cheffrey The Greatest November 28, 2017
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