3 definitions by KMPeterson

Someone so thicc that their amount of thicc cannot be contained in a measly 6 Cs
Met this person yesterday, her ass couldn't even fit through the door. The was thiccccccc, I tell you!
by KMPeterson January 06, 2018
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God-ascended thiccness.
One does not simply be thicccccccccc. It is unseen to man, but wished for in the deepest prayers.
by KMPeterson January 06, 2018
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A stereotype of movies. If a character is not specifically important to the (movie, game, etc.)'s plot, or simply isn't "good enough", that character is doomed to die by the end of the story.
I'm surprised that Daniel didn't die by the end of that movie. He had a severe case of Side-Character Syndrome, after all.
by KMPeterson November 12, 2017
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