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A tenet of Nick Land's speculative realism in which formalism and representation become continuous with respect to each other, obviating the object between them.

Constructivistic surrealism.

The collapse of the signifier/sign/signed triangle in semiotic theory into a duality of signifier and signed.

Preliminarily schematized in computer science by replacing object-oriented programming with attribute-oriented programming (synthetic programming); and ultimately reference-oriented programming.
Theory-fiction eliminates the object itself by collapsing the triangle of semiotic representationalism into a duality.
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by kvikaas August 02, 2018
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Trust as fiction.

Specifically trust as an appearance.


Trust as an epistemology or structure-of-truth.
Theory-fiction argues that truth is expressed in terms of language and trust is expressed in terms of an aesthetic (structure-of-truth).
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by ttomorrow December 14, 2018
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