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The mother f*cking illest post whore ever. Hated on by Aw4g63 due to the fact that thehyena has a large penis and Aw4g63's stomach completely engulfs his. thehyena ownz you and your family.
He is better than you in every way and is completely unstoppable.
thehyena kicks more ass than Chuck Norris.
Damn, signed up last week and thehyena already has 1500 posts.
I want thehyena's sexy body.
by thehyena July 16, 2004
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The post pimp of the century, completely unstoppable.

See also: awesome, the man, sexy, banging your girl, always right, cool, > you
thehyena is a total stud
thehyena out-posts everyone regardless.
The uncontrollable force is known as thehyena
by your girlfriend September 20, 2004
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a gaint tool of the DSMworld. He should drive a corrola with a 7 foot wing. That would be suiting. He is owned by AW4G63 in the land of the forums and is constantly reminded of this.

See: Buttpirate, jock swinger, Jamie Ab., Dsmlife , AW4G63s fan club
Aw4G63 Man that kid in my fan club is nuts, he tried to capture me in a giant glass jar! /Aw4g63
by AW4G63 December 04, 2003
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A continuous series of farts in which laughter ensues and stays in sync with the flatulence, cause the "farter" to curl up making him or her looking like a hyena.
He just did the hyena in front of all those people!
by zjayk1 March 24, 2008
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