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From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a cognate of "wigged out," "wiggy," and anything else like that you might think of. Something give you the wig, meaning that it scares you or freaks you out.
Alternative version: the wiggens.
Willow: I think dummies are cute, you don't?
Buffy: Nah, they give me the wig. Ever since I was little.
Willow: Really? What happened?
Buffy: I saw a dummy, it gave me the wigβ€” there isn’t really a story there.
by Leya Livid November 22, 2007
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A rare and unusual creature so called because of the excessive head hair while at a relatively young age. Has a desire to be native to the warm climates of South East Asia but in reality is more commen to the north of England.
I spotted 'the wig' when i was out and about at the weekend.
by Wig appreciation Society February 19, 2007
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