Burger King? Seriously. "The Ocho" is the nickname they gave the made up ESPN8 in the movie Dodgeball.
"The Ocho" "If it's almost a sport, you'll find it here"
by H20 November 30, 2007
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1. Ocho originated from the Spanish word for eight. However in some Spanish speaking ghettos, men who carried guns were referred to as Ochos instead of nines. The term caught on quick and spread like wildfire.

2. A term for something that is cool, the roots are quite unknown, but it began in D.C. and spread West of there. The use of the word can differ, it can be a term of endearment to a term of hate.
1. The Ocho will get ya.

2. That's so Ocho!
I'll go Ocho on your ass.
You're my one and only Ocho.
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ESPN 8. taken from dodgeball. has many different contexts, from "rare" to totally kick ass.
Yeah, those are pretty ocho. You can never find them around.

Yeah that's fucking ocho.
by myles January 11, 2005
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To "own" someone badly
Player 1 just made an amazing catch over Player 2; To Player 2: "ahahah you got OcHoEd!"
by OchO_CinCo[HoF] June 17, 2008
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"oh yeah, oh yeah. OCHOOOOOOOO"
by fhsobivry63562525 525 March 30, 2010
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A guy who takes women on 8 dates without managing to get laid.
John took Kate to the church, its been their 8th date already, he is such an Ocho.
by John546373 December 23, 2011
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Ocho is an all seeing god who takes many forms. It was manifested by 3 kids while playing the popular game, Fortnite. Ochos many forms include, A squid, A configuration of the number 8 with horizontal lines through each loop, An infinity symbol, and finally, a clock.
Ocho is an all seeing, all bearing, all destroying god and he shall be respected. or mercy will not be granted...
Ocho harnesses every element imaginable.
8men, Ocho, 8men
Did you read the Ocho Bible like I told you?
by Kracken, Priest of Ocho December 4, 2020
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