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Essentially "the Biggio" is utilizing the clever "elbow jut" that former Major League Baseball player Craig Biggio employed for years in a crowded bar-setting. As relatively-large to large-chested females pass by in a very tight space, "the Biggio" would cleverly be used to inconspicuously get an armful of breast as the female would walk in a path toward the arm, similar to the path of an errant pitch.

Biggio, who is second on the all-time Hit by Pitches list, was known for wearing a thick elbow pad which he would leave exposed in the path of the pitch in an effort to be awarded first base.

This maneuver is further successful and disguised by quickly bringing a drink up to the mouth for a quick sip while attempting to get HBB (Hit by Breasts).
As your buddy motions to you to look at a pair of intriguing tatas making their way toward you, the buddy wonders out loud what they feel like.

Always the quick thinker you use "the Biggio" to determine the quality of the mammaries, deciphering between fake, overly padded, or simply fantastic.
by "Craig" February 06, 2008
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