the ync is a website with all the goriest shit in the world. You want to see somebody murdering somebody else with an axe ? Go there.
Joe: Dude, did you see this dude killing this dude with an axe ? It's freaking hilarious...
Jack:Dude, where did you go to see this shit ?
Joe: the
by wario6000 December 6, 2008
Brad: aye nigga is u on the a ync
Glook: yardy know cuhz u know what’s up in here
Brad: still wanna hit that lick

Glook: ync all the way
by Josyiah January 20, 2020
Bobby: "Dude I swear there were like 12 chicks hoping my junk last night bro"

Sebastian: "ync"

Bobby: "Ok fuk u nigga"
by FydHoe July 27, 2017
youngins in charge #3bby shit we step on steppas #free dat team
ync got the whole cityy scared
by YNCNOFACE February 22, 2022