The next main character set in the Metal Gear series. Vapor Snake is the successor to Solid Snake who has been cloned to make way for a stronger more lethal Snake. Vapor will be introduced in Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots.
Vapor Snake is sweet because he's faster and meaner than Solid Snake
by David ? May 16, 2006
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When you rub vicks vapor rub on your dick, and then bang your girlfriend.
So I totally surprised her with a dicks vapor rumbling, had her screaming in pain all night.
by bonanma February 8, 2012
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It means, to swoon or faint. From when ladies wore corsets and would faint all the time, it was said they "caught the vapors", maybe from the night air.
"Catch, or Caught the vapors."

Bring the fainting couch Alfred, Bessie "Caught the Vapors" again! If he proposes, I will "catch the vapors", tout suit.
by steampunk-addie June 16, 2011
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vaporization of said nuggets...not from McDonald's.
The question one poses when one wishes to vaporizes said nuggets.
Nigga give me some crack, or just vaporize my nuggets!!!
by GOD!!! March 10, 2008
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This phrase has two meanings:
1) you're getting me hot (to the point of perspiration)
2) you're creeping me out hard core
Damn Annika, will you take a look at that fine piece of meat over there? He is certifiably giving me the vapors!!

Did you see how that guy just looked at me and wet his lips? He just gave me the vapors. Let's get out of here.

What you just said right there was hot, and in fact, you're giving me the vapors!

Maybe later you can taste my vapors.

by SuzyBuzy June 22, 2007
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The percentage of stench/stank that fills the air in a confined space (such as a public or private restroom) after releasing feces.
- "damn honey, I'm sorry for taking so long in there."

- "holy crap! I can barely breathe! That must have an SVD of 9!"


- " yea... SVD-shit vapor density! You can cut through that with a knife it's so thick!"
by Sneakyneeks August 4, 2013
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