Abbreviation for "The Mandela Catalogue", an analog horror series created by Alex Kister.
I'm really into TMC right now.

Have you seen the latest volume of TMC?
by besttoffee August 20, 2022
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An acronym that stands for Technical Minecraft Community, those in this community specialize in the small yet complex details of Minecraft that can be used for a useful or amusing result. Such as making blocks fall instantly or launching an ender pearl thousands of blocks for quick transportation.
I want to be in the TMC and break the game.
by LennyHoops July 21, 2021
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Guy 1: You ain't got no cash

Guy 2: I rep TMC all day, get hip boy.
by Regal_Gee January 1, 2011
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anytime you see a person which potentially has a nice body but they have on TOO Much Clothing for you to see anything. Fuck!! TMC!
by bobsbob March 13, 2010
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<cracker> fuck, im so mad!
by tmc October 6, 2003
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