A decision or event with an outcome from which there is no escape or salvation. A path that is chosen and is,instantly regretted.

Slang originates from Manchester Ohio.
That 15th tequila shot is a no outlet.

If you don't quit acting like an ass you are going no outlet.
by Avenger330 May 18, 2016
A person who does not qualify as an outcast, misfit, or wallflower. Outcasts and misfits are not accepted anywhere except among themselves, where as outlets can drift between various groups by themselves yet still not belong there. The definition of wallflower is to notice things but not say anything. Outlets don't fit that because they either don't notice, or when they do, they say something.

The literal definition of an Outlet is somebody who sits there and does nothing until somebody else needs them. It's someone who is doesn't like to be social or be around people, yet has friends.
I'm antisocial, yet I have a few friends? I'm officially an outlet
by Focusburrito123 September 1, 2014
exactly what it sounds like. a girl who has been penetrated in her three holes. oral, anal, and vaginal
bro: i just did anal with my girl!
dude: your girl's done oral, too?
bro: of course. she's an outlet now.
by hanercakes November 27, 2010
Outlet; A male who is named Andy/Andrew that likes to have penis shoved up his bum... he also isn't a very attractive guy and fails with women.
Dude, that guy is an outlet!
by DarkKrai October 6, 2009
A bitter state of jealousy that comes about when spending way more time than should be allowed in a cafe or coffee shop and the following two conditions are met: (1) all of the seats near outlets are taken and (2) your laptop battery is low.
Lauren was suffering from outlet envy while loitering at Borders one Saturday night, as her laptop battery was at 13% and she could not get a seat near an outlet.
by dj for pdubs February 28, 2010
When your cell phone, iPod or computer battery is just about to die, and you are engaged in a frantic hunt for an electrical socket to plug it into at an airport, you're "outlet shopping".
"Man, my phone gave up the ghost at LaGuardia, and I was outlet shopping for 15 minutes 'cos none of these geeks would let me plug in..."
by Uncle Des June 27, 2009
One of Americas upcoming rap artist, he is equivalent in skill as T.I., Kanye West, Cassidy and all the top notch rap artiest. He is unique and is as fresh as can be !

"Outlet Boy" Is a also term used to describe extreme awesomeness and hotness and strength, a perfect person. Used to describe someone that every girl likes.
Very Hot Girl #1 - Wow Look at Alex he is so Outlet Boy !

Very Hot Girl #2 - Yea, so totally, he is so buff, hot and perfect !

Alex- Oh thank you, I get that a lot.
by Hot Beyonce May 15, 2009