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A painful handjob that involves getting an indian burn on one's penis. Usually performed in a bathroom of a bar by a girl that doesn't even realize there is a penis in her hand.
Dude, I haven't been able to wank for days after that bitch gave me the mimi!
by Mike the bartender July 01, 2011
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a person who is very self-involved and constantly talks about themselves, their likes, their hobbies etc. while never really listening or caring about anything the person they are talking to has to say unless it related to them (the mimi). This person absolutely despises talkative persons because she hates having to listen to other people and it takes up time that they (the mimi) could be using to talk about themselves.

Classic signs of the mimi are:

1) no eye contact while listening

2) someone who talks over you when they realize you're about to talk so that you shut up
3) someone who rambles on and on even though the person they are talking to is clearly not listening.

4) for some reason they tend to have names that have at least 3 vowels in them such as Monique, Shawana, Nicole, Alicia, Myerson, Melissa, Felicity
Ryan: Oh boy, here comes Niyla the mimi of the office. Once she starts talking, she never shuts up. She's the ultimate CB

Jason: CB? Cock Breath?

Ryan: haha Chatterbox} but yes that too

Jason: Run for the hills!
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