A kind, sweet person that is always there to help you. She is a great friend that’s sticks up for anyone. And she hates Fred’s and vigors and krises and alexes and Varuns they are all retards.
by Penguinperson123 April 10, 2019
the sexual position to which both are sitting, facing each other, with legs crossed behind their partner...
"have you ever had sex in a lotus? it really hits that spot..."
by psydecheax November 17, 2006
Lotus is name only for the most stunning girl. She will make you smile any day. She may not look like it but if you kiss her you will get a instant shot if love. She will act to be the sweet or badass chick but once you get to know her she can be any, anytime. She doesn't date time wasters and she gets things done
That chick is a absolute Lotus! She is perfect !
by Thatsadperson March 11, 2017
Lotus is an AMAZING girl who is very quiet. Once you get to know her, you will find that she is beautiful, funny, and a treat to talk to.
Guy- Geez, Lotus is gorgeous!!!
Me- Yeah. She's really cool too.
by MrKittyPetter November 18, 2020
A popular british sports car manufacturer founded by Colin Chapman with the ambition to build the best sportscars in the world using his philosphy of performance through lightweight. The current line of cars are the elise and the exige including many other version of these including the exige cup 240. They all hav a fibreglass body. Despite their low horsepower (189 in the exige) they are comparable in speed with cars twice as expensive including various Porches and BMW's.
Lotus owns the fuck out of Porsche FTW
by We-kill-suckers July 31, 2006
Is a guy who can be an idiot but has a true heart and normally does what’s right. But is realvetly cool, tries to stay alone and not talk to anyone unless spoken too.
“Hey Lotus!”
Aye” *He Nods his head as he walks to class*
by Rayla Sparks December 18, 2017
A verb. Used to refer to the act of getting belligerently drunk and dancing like a moron on the speakers at The Lotus Nightclub in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
Susan: Let's hit Lotus tonight!

Billy: I LOVE to Lotus!!!!!
by Mo Flew September 19, 2010