When a fist is inserted into a vagina while the girl is lifted into the air, like a puppet.
Dude, she was so loose i gave her the Jim Henson!
by Brockman September 15, 2003
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During coitus, the male puts one hand in the female’s vagina and the other in her rectum, and proceeds to use his hands as puppets and performs The MuppetsMah Nà Mah Nà” duet while inside her until she reaches climax.
“Dude, I did the Jim Henson with my girlfriend last night and by the end she was singing along
by weird sex acts July 14, 2019
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the act of fisting and when the hand is completely inside, the hand is then fully opened and closed causing the recipiants eyes and mouth to open and close. think of a puppet and a vantrilaquist.
that bitch was so loose not even the ole' Jim Henson fazed her
by Mr. Higgins April 17, 2006
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(Also known as the Jeff Dunham)
(verb) To anally fist a girl so deep, she is literally your hand puppet. You can also substitute Jim Henson for Jeff Dunham when dealing with your more contemporary gals who just don't have any clue who the fuck the Muppets are.
Dude I just Jim Hensoned the shit out of this bitch. Literally, shoulder deep, feces on my collar bone. Whats good?
by The Awesome Sauce June 25, 2010
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Any illness which the sufferer elects to ignore, because they're too busy with work and/or too shy to bother other people about trivialities like their own rapidly deteriorating health.

Jim Henson famously died of pneumonia, but not wanting to be a 'bother' to hospital people, delayed going until it was too late.
Go home and rest. We don't need anyone dying of Jim Henson's Disease here!
by evildave January 22, 2011
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A Jim Henson Job is funkyism of the cockney slang "muppet"; Jim Henson being the creator of the popular childrens television characters and franchise "The Muppets". Basically it means you're an idiot, fool, or twit.
What did you do that for? You're a Jim Henson Job
by Funkyisms March 18, 2016
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