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a running joke from the ali g show. borat is terribly prejudiced against women, minorities and the like, but most of all, against jews. in one episode of the show (Borat's Guide to America) he interviews a martial arts instructor and first asks what to do if a "chocolate-faced" person comes and attacks you. the instructor really doesn't know what to say, but tells borat that in America, people try not to judge by skin tone. next, he asks how to protect himself from jewish people - what do you do if they try to hurt you with their horns? or even worse - THE JEW CLAW?
borat: "now, what if the jew, he comes after you, with his dirty jew claw?" *raises hand, shapes into claw, gestures*
instructor dude: " just knock it away."
b: "what about, double the jew claw? *raises both hands*"
instructor: "...double knock-it-away..."
b: "ah. *attacks instructor with simulated claw, promptly gets beaten*"
by ali g's girl April 12, 2006
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