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A word used to describe the claw (maybe for money) that jews have.
used on the ali g show.
Borat: What would be the best way to defend yourself from the jew claw?
Martial art guy: Just knock it away
by Ishmail May 08, 2006
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A crippled hand, always pointing down, sometimes with retarded freaky-looking unmovable fingers, attached to an arm thats always bent at the elbow, caused by abnormal growth of ligaments, tendons and muscles. Usually jews have this novelty item, and they can use it for purposes such as picking money off of trees and attacking people.
"That fucking jew just tried to claw at me!"
"His jew claw makes me horny."
"She slowly inserted her warm, slippery claw into my anus, and I blew my load all over her."
by Kc0ckz0r May 14, 2006
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The term used to describle the hand or 'Claw' of someone jewish, originaly from Borat! The term later developed on DoE and has been comonly accosiated with James!
Sam 'pass us some sweets'
James 'Ahh jew Claw
Sam 'The claws taken them all'
by Gabe93 June 15, 2008
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(v.) To stab a person or animal with an item (key, knife, etc.) held between your middle and ring finger.
Don't make me jewclaw you with this key.
by AMISHDRIVEBY August 06, 2008
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when you swipe someones face from forehead to chin and saying JEWCLAW! lick your hand for more effect.
James: oh hey John

John: JEWCLAW! *runs away*
by cryogen warfare September 20, 2008
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A "dew claw", often pronounced "jew claw" is the fifth claw on a dogs paw which is much higher up the leg and was traditionally removed. Many mammals have such a vestigial digit.

Dew claws became well known after a play on words in a Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) comedy skit.
"oh my god, your puppy has had it's Jew Claws removed, isn't that illegal in 2009?"
by sonicoliver June 27, 2009
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