1)Any extremely attractive girl who surrounds herself by fat, unattractive bitches who usually have way more self confidence than their massive, cellulite filled bodies allow for (see Swamp Donkey)

2)A bottom tier sorority that is constantly launching grenades into your fraternity parties drinking all your alcohol.
1)Damn Kelly is so fucking hot but she is such a grenade launcher, all of her friends are at least 250 pounds and the face of a ferret.

2)Fucking Sigma Kappa, always grenade launching their freshman into our parties!
by JerryFratDusky April 29, 2012
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a piece of weaponery used in the process of launching grenades.
Daddy, may i PLEASE have a grenade launcher for Christmas??
by FuckAnarchy907 June 28, 2006
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When you and a friend try to hook up with some chicks but one of them is really ugly, he'll be the grenade launcher and take the "grenade" so you can have a good time.
Me: dude, check out those girls
Friend: ewww, look at her friend. Looks like her face was hit by a bus...
Me: yea but the other one is fine. Be my grenade launcher.
by Yoxcf August 01, 2011
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an extremely ugly/obese girl that is completely unattractive who often hangs out with hot girls.
"yo do u wanna go talk to those hot girls over there?"

"nah dude cuz then one of us will have to get with the grenade launcher factory.
by cfash July 28, 2010
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a weapon to surpass the ADATS and finally kill SCP-682
hey trooper see that thing over there fire the M32 rotary grenade launcher
by c00lguy07 September 29, 2020
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The M79 grenade launcher is a single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher that ... Because of its distinctive report, it has earned the nicknames of "Thumper"
by TexasFred November 15, 2018
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