When you are getting a "girl" to send you naked pics online and you get them and then realize its a dude sending you pics from google images.

They typically say that their cam is broken or it is at their other parents house to avoiding giving away that they are actually dudes.
Guy #1 : Dude I just got a girl to send me naked pics! Look!
Guy #2 : Dude, I just saw that pic on google images.
Guy #1 : Shit dude, I just got DUDED :O
by ribbygoose June 13, 2011
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When one makes plans to meet up with (or go out with) a female and she shows up with a guy.
We drove down there to meet up with Ashley and got duded. What a dirty ho.
by Sooner Hater October 04, 2009
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1. An aggravated hair on an elephant's butt.

2. The substitute for someone's name when you don't quite know it properly
-The greatest, most intelligent move the devil has ever made is making us believe that he doesn't exist...
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 24, 2004
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1) n. a name for anyone (stereotypically used by male surfters/skaters but now accepted by any race, sex, religion, and wealth)
2) n. something that's just so awesomly cool, amazingly kick ass
3) ?. a way to start a conversation
4) replacing "um" or "like" in any sentence
1) Dude, that guy is soo sexy!
2) Omg! That teacher was so stoned, me and Hil were both like "Duuuude."
3) Dude you have no idea!
4) And then...dude...dude...dude, shit I forgot.
by maddy January 14, 2004
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Absolutely anything at all. Whatever you what it to be.
1: Dude!
(How are you?)
2: Dude...
(Life sucks.)
1: Dude?
(What do you mean?)
2: dude.
by me/myself/i March 15, 2009
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A word that is established in a Californians mental dictionary at a very young age.

A nickname for a person you don't know

A word that expresses alarm, shock, anger, or happiness

A word added on to a sentence to prove a point

A word used to convey sympathy
Cali Dad: Come one baby, say DAD D-A-D
Cali Teen1: Let's hit the mall, dude!
Ca li Baby: Dude!!
Cali Dad: **groan**
Person: Hey.. erm, dude! Yeah the dude over there!
**gropes random person**
Random Person: DUDE! No!
Do you know what I mean, dude?
Guy1: And then she dumped me for my brother!
Guy2: Dude....
by Becca January 08, 2005
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An Excited Enthusiastic Hello
Or An Idle Response
Dude What Is Up?
Dude Listen I've Got News
Dude Are You There?
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
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