the best of the best. something that differentiates itself with superior quality.
by Tha Cuddla January 9, 2005
A large luxurious handicap stall in a public restroom.
The whole bathroom was empty so I got to use the cadillac.
by SirScarface69 August 11, 2010
The best one of a group of the things
"The handicapped stall is the cadillac of the bathroom stalls."
by "Rerun" April 26, 2007
A car which is bought with crack money, that must have D's thrown on it. Sometimes referred to as a bitch.
by Argon Miller September 4, 2007
Noun: A large American made car known for it's impressive class, luxury, and V8 engines.

Verb: To be busting 5 knots styling on all other vehicles around you.
1. That cadillac sure is a classy ride, I wish I was driving that!

2. Let's go Cadillac this weekend in the ElDorado.
by 500ciV8 November 25, 2009
Slang term for a 45lb plate in the gym
Aint nothing better than the sound of 2 Cadillacs slapping together
by LJ32210 September 16, 2014
The premier American luxury automobile manufacturer. Cadillac was considered the "Standard of the World" by 1908 and remained the pinnacle of automotove opulence and engineering excellence throughout the first half of the century. Owning a Cadillac was, and still is, synonymous with success.
by unfiltered101 March 27, 2007