A guy who is little on the inside but big on the outside. A movie will be produced in the future, called Little Big Guy. The Director will be Lennon Raguso.
The little big guy came into class and said "cat".
by Guykennyguy April 21, 2016
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when you have good moment with many smaller guy moments
James:thats a small guy moment for me
jeff:BIG guy moment for me
by big guy 4 you January 25, 2018
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A guy who always goes for the chips at the store.
Alejos is a big chip guy.
by Golfmom February 12, 2018
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A guy who you look at and think "man that guys fucking big".

Although whilst using the term one must be looking at a black guy.

If using the term whilst looking at any other colored person or the user is by themselves their head will implode.

FYI: Common suicide method
by Lemon Haze August 18, 2019
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A male student or alumnus of a Big Ten university characterized by above average pride in his school and athletic conference as well as a strong bond with other big ten guys who might otherwise be complete strangers.
Person A: You a big ten guy?
Person B: Hell yeah!

Person A: Awesome man me too, I went to Ohio State!
by dollabill123 June 2, 2010
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