Slayer of Women, Romancer of Milf's. Ultra mega giga Chad, conquerer of pussy, Destroyer of virgins. ULTIMATE sigma male
Dude look at that guy, he's definitely the Big Guy Steve
by Bogis the bogis September 13, 2021
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Common slang term used by organized families, similar organizations, and politicians that the head of the group receives 10 percent gross (traditionally a %, but could be an equivalent fixed amount similar to 10%) from any deal for leadership, direction, brokerage, and coordination of the deal. Usually referred to by one's head director, head executive, or the Number 2 guy.
Hey, don't forget to hold 10 for the big guy in the China business deal.
by Blood Alpha December 19, 2020
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A very good song that even God likes
4 big guys and they bust in my eyes
by Big nigger on da street November 22, 2021
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The phrase is used as a synonym for God.
When athletes thank God, they point to the sky.
I want to thank the big guy in the sky for all my success over the years.
by houdini65 June 12, 2016
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Yes sir
Big dick, big dick
Big old dick dick
Three big balls

Look like we playing tennis
He got a big dick I think his name is Dennis
I jerk his dick until that n**** finish
His dick is big and green tastes just like spinach

Dudes, dudes I love it when they send me all the nudes
Had to make him nut cause his balls were blue
He didn’t have a clue
He slides in my ass like he’s cleaning out gutters

Dick is bigger than a stick of butter
Saw that big dick swinging up in the motherfucking hallway
He like me and my friends cause we’re all gay
We like a dick, I like his ass cause it’s thick

He gonna fuck my butt till I shit and dick is dry so I spit on the tip
Four big guys
And they bust on my eyes
They eat my ass just like apple pie

If they keep fucking me like this I might just die
They pipe my booty till I cry
He licked my dick and the cum started dripping
I took a bite of his ass it tastes like lemon pepper chicken

He throws me up in the air my booty flipping
He digging his balls in my booty like Scottie Pippen
Met the n**** last night
Then I rode his dick like a bike

He’s so thick he looks like a dike but that’s ok cause I think his name’s Mike
Jordan, he’s fucking me while recording
He sent me butt pics this morning
Hands down the greatest nudes I’ve received

I love when I receive his BBC
Mike: Have you listened to 4 Big Guys?
Jordan: Yes, and I'm even a part of it!
by PussyChomper42069 May 3, 2022
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Origin - Roman
Greeting to any sex male or female.
Usually used in party atmosphere... bar, club, or house
"whoa big guy...where's my beer?"
by Los March 22, 2005
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