The bick is a creature known for suffering from vaginitis and copious amount of smegma build up due to poor hygiene standards. bicks are known to pleasure themselves and leave fuckstains on their sheets, and then sleep on those same sheets for months without cleaning.
Karlos: "man, that guy is a dirty mofo, I swear he never showers cause he reeks all the time, the bick has always been like that but"

Pedro: "yeah man, he's bick, they're known for poor hygiene standards"

Columbine: "yeah dude he reeks of smeg"
by the rompster March 05, 2010
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to have a (Bic) lighter taken by someone you're smoking with.
My friend Catherine totally Bicked me last night after we finished that joint
by dj flyy December 13, 2008
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To be severely overweight.
The girl on the see-saw was so bicked, the boy on the other end was stuck in the air.
by Amanda Propaganda August 28, 2009
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San Diego Version:

- to chill or relax

(yes, i know it sounds weird but hey, that`s us in san diego)
i was bickin it with the homies down at mark`s pad
by breatheyourAIR May 05, 2005
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the act of the use of bickk is to mean kool the shit or helluh bomb and to be kick back chill out
that girls glasses are so bickkk
today you better be bick at the party
by agyness April 29, 2008
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Any faggot named EJ can say, " Wooow GOOD gaaame", or even " that was SICK dude! "

But a True hound would say, " Ay blood, that shit was bick "
by Kilo G March 01, 2004
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A term used to define a fine ass girl.
Daaamb, you see that girl over there? She hella bick.

Goddamb that girl bick as hell!

Woo, she's looking bick today.
by Buttlube May 20, 2013
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