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Australian (melbourne) industrial death metal band

the frontman (singer) used to be a gabba-dj, and this infuences their songs. They play at an insane speed (drummer used to have the world record for snare drumming at 19.13 bps) and use distorted 909 kick drums. They have two 'singers' one with a death metal growl and one with a black metal screech, both of whom sing at an insane speed.
On their first album they used a drumcomputer, but on their second (with songs like: death reveals, pure hatred and no one wins) you can hear the speed of a real person.
The berzerker wears weird animalistic masks, because they dont want to be human.
The berzerker is probably the fastest and most intense band there is. Pure extremity.

for more info:
to get a good idea of thier music, you should listen tracks like: reality, pure hatred, betrayal, massacre and last mistake,my favorites
by EasterMaggot May 13, 2005
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Australian industrial grindcore band. The band of 4 wears creepy masks and plays at blistering speeds. Influenced by such bands as Napalm Death and Carcass. The blending of Industrial and Grindcore creates a genre known as Cybergrind. Their songs deal with the negative side of human nature.

Some song titles: Cannibal Right, Massacre, Burnt, Slit Down, Deform, Forever, Pure Hatred, Pain.
The Berzerker eats pieces of shit like Slipknot for breakfast.
by SLAYtanic February 01, 2005
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An Australian band that produces a genre of music that bridges industrial and death metal. It is known for the incredibly fast beats that it produces, but this is done very clearly on drum machines for the recording of their actual albums. Despite this, all of the drummers for live performances have been able to produce these speeds themselves. They were also once known for the masks they used to wear for their performances, but they are no longer used.

Three albums have been released by The Berzerker:
"The Berzerker" (2000)
"Dissimulate" (2002)
"World of Lies" (2005)

A DVD was also released in 2004, called "The Principles and Practices of the Berzerker" containing over 4 hours of footage, including the making of the masks, the recording of their first two albums and full interviews with bandmembers.
"Yeah, I saw The Berzerker live a year ago."
"Really? How was it?"
"I was hospitalised for a month, and my hearing hasn't been the same since."
"Sounds brilliant."
"It was."
by dactolytis July 16, 2006
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