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Also known as the 6'4" , a higher race of human being who descends from the nephilim tribe and is greatly respected by all others. They generally tease or physically abuse shorter people such as dwarfs and midgets and earn street cred through playing basketball.
John: Hi Tim whos it going.

Tim: Hi, I am 6'4"

John: Oh, you are the greatest I see.
by PEG96 June 14, 2012
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The Motherfuckers tall. Real tall. Bigger than you probably. Bigger than me for sure. Smaller than a door frame but bigger than a regular car. Similar height to the average SUV. Dwarfs most men and women. His feet alone triple most. 'Cept Shaq I guess. But he's 7'1 so that makes sense. Hmm... He kinda bad tho.
Joe: Yeah, Isaac 6'4 - he's really tall, very un-poggers fr.
by saint_jon February 7, 2022
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-An obnoxiously tall white person who always hits their head on stuff but is still some how amazing (:
-Plays basketball
-Loves girls named Allie (:
-Matches shoes and shirts like a pro :p
-Complete total nerd who WISHES he was ghetto
-Loves Spanish music, :pppp
Nick Lafever is such a 6'4 Wigger, it's RIDICULOUS!
by ACoolKid(: June 29, 2010
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