A phrase used to imply that something would be funny at other times and you either don't feel like laughing or don't want to be a dick.
"So the this guy walks in and has the stupidest look on his face!"

"That's pretty funny."
by marsh69 May 14, 2010
"Pretty-Funny" is not the same as "Pretty Funny"
Pretty-Funny is where people only think you are funny because you're attractive, while Pretty Funny is where someone thinks you are actually quite funny.
Origin of word.

CBS Television Series - Partners - Season 1 - Episode 7 "Pretty-Funny"
by StudyClassProductions June 8, 2014
Actually pretty funny is a term gamer lesbians will use to see if they are one in another
This term comes from techno saying lesbian rights
“Hey, I think thechnoblade is actually pretty funny. “
Are you?”
“Are you?”
Hell yeah bitch”
by Hehehuehueamgae November 10, 2020
When you only hear something recently, but you think it's pretty funny so you include it.
Peace Out

1. Goodbye
2. (intransitive verb) to leave or retire
3. (transitive verb) to kill

Note: I only heard the third meaning recently, but I thought it was pretty funny so I've included it.

1. "Yeah, see you then, peace out."
2. "Yo I gotta peace out, I'm tired."
3. "I just peaced out that spider with my shoe."

by anonymous Oct 20, 2003
by lolcakes July 21, 2008